The Apple TV+ 2024 Schedule Is Quality, Not Quantity


Yes, Netflix might have hundreds if not thousands of movies and shows but how many hours did you lose scrolling through it thinking there’s nothing good to watch? Enter Apple TV+, probably the smallest streaming service out there but one with some great content. 

For 2024, Apple TV+’s new shows once again bet on quality, not quantity, and there’s something for every viewer. Here’s what to expect this year.

Apple TV+’s Criminal Record, a detective show featuring Peter Capaldi

He rose to mainstream fame with his turn at Doctor Who but Peter Capaldi’s one of the best dramatic actors of this generation, and in Criminal Record he gets to really shine.

This detective show is a crime TV addict’s new fix, with a few episodes out already and a new one dropping every Wednesday until February 21st.

Apple TV+’s Masters of the Air, another big scope WW2 drama from Spielberg

Masters of the Air is a must watch for any fan of Spielbeg’s Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Indeed, this is a spiritual sequel to those excellent series and was supposed to be on HBO, but was dropped during the company’s financial shuffles. Fortunately, Apple TV+ picked it up and we’re in for a treat!

The series is based on Donald L. Miller book Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany, Masters of the Air, and will bring to screen the story of “The Bloody Hundredth”, one of the most heroic squadrons in WW2. Also, it’s a chance to once again see Barry Keoghan, one of the most powerful actors of this generation.

Masters of the Air premieres on January 26th and will have a 9 episode run concluding on March 5th.

As you wait for new Masters of the Air episodes, do hop on HBO Max and give Catch 22 a watch. This underrated series is a fresh look at the brutal lives of pilots, and will make you laugh while sharpening its knife to drive across the true horrors of war.

Apple TV+’s Constellation, this year’s massive scifi series

Wake up Siri and ask her to set a reminder for February 21, when Constellation is available on Apple TV Plus. Late February is when the first three episodes of this promising scifi series drop, and if you love space drama you’ll have to be there for it. 

Noomi Rapace of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo fame will here play Jo, an astronaut forced to make an emergency return to Earth.

Then, things get real weird, as you can see from the official Constellation trailer Apple just released. Ready for a scifi psychological thriller? Tune in soon!

I for one am excited to see some fast-paced scifi because, honestly, I just couldn’t not snooze during Apple’s Foundation. Yes, it’s a great book series, but as a show something just didn’t work for me.

Apple TV+s Franklin, Michael Douglas’ take on the founding father

If there’s anyone with the heft and depth to undertake this project, it’s a seasoned actor like Michael Douglas. Did you know the amount of political cunning and finesse it took for Benjamin Franklin to convince France to subsidize the American Revolution? Probably not, since few of us paid attention in school, but Apple TV Plus’ period drama Franklin will definitely fill in the gaps.

This biographical miniseries is based on Stacy Schiff’s 2005 book A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America, and will follow the eight years Benjamin Franklin spent in France. Considering Franklin was not just a Founding Father but also one of the most accomplished intellectuals of his time, as well as a diplomat, scientist and inventor, this is one series that has plenty of meat on its bones.

Apple TV+s Palm Royale, a White Lotus-like drama with Kristen Wiig and Laura Dern

Usually those two names are more than enough to sell a series but Palm Royale also has a plot that will appeal to White Lotus fans – or to anyone who’s always examining class conflicts.

Apple TV Plus’ Palm Royale is a period comedy with a simple premise:

“A woman works towards attaining a place in Palm Beach high society, in the process learning what she will and won’t do to achieve this.”

Previously known under the title Mrs. American Pie, this is an adaptation of a book called Mr. & Mrs. American Pie by Juliet McDaniel.

Kristen Wiig will play Maxine, a woman struggling to reach a better status in the early 70s, and I can’t wait to see some Laura Dern wisdom being shared. 

Apple TV+s The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin, a quirky comedy

Apple also invested in another comedy this year, one that’s quirky enough to capture the sad fans of Dirk Gently & the like. 

If you want a dose of zany, colorful adventures, The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin does show lots of potential, since it’s also a treat for history buffs.You see, Dick Turpin is a famous 18th century English criminal whose exploits deserve a chance to shine on the screen. You’ll laugh out loud reading his Wikipedia page, so Apple TV+’s show has some very strong material to draw from.

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