Apple Event: The iPhone XS Max Might Be The Heaviest iPhone To Date

We’re just a few hours away from Apple’s ‘Gather Round’ event and in spite of that, there’s still rumors coming in about what might be showcased.

The event kicks off at 10 am PT/1 pm ET and rumors abound, to say the least.

Some say that the newest iPhone to come around will be Apple’s largest and heaviest model, weighing in at 7.34 ounces. This could hint at the new iPhone using stainless steel for the enclosure band, instead of aluminium. It seems everyone is aiming for ‘make it bigger, but also heavier’ this year.

Analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo predicted that we can expect Apple to include the same 5W Lightning technology charger with USB-A in the box and that the upcoming iPad Pro will benefit from ultra-fast charging by Apple adding the USB-C to it.

In addition to Face ID support,” he writes in a report obtained by MacRumors “we expect the new iPad Pro models’ main upgrade to include replacing Lightning with a USB-C interface and bundling with a new unibody design 18W power adapter, which cancels the removable plug design.

We can also expect something from the Apple Watch as well, which might go 64-bit this fall, as the 32-bit software is no longer supported on iOS and completely disappearing from the macOS next year.

The tension builds and we will keep you posted throughout the entire ‘Gather Round’ event, as it unfolds.

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