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Apple, Google, and Amazon Devices Could Work Together Soon

Wary to invest in just one tech company? Maybe you already have a suite of devices, each from a different manufacturer. Making them work together is likely giving you a headache so tech titans Apple, Google, and Amazon decided to shake hands and collaborate to set a smart home standard that would benefit everyone.

Enter Matter.

Previously known as Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP), Matter can help users connect smart devices that would otherwise be unable to communicate with each other. That includes gadgets from big players like Amazon, Apple and Google.

As long as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa devices, and Google Assistant wear the Matter symbol, they should be able to work together. How does that look like? Three arrows all pointing at one another to show the connectivity capabilities.

Matter uses Ethernet, wifi, Thread, and Bluetooth LE to make these smart home devices come together and work seamlessly. Its goal is to bring more smart home companies to the mix, eventually creating a standard for home devices and making your life easier.

This video released recently seemingly shows Multi-Admin, the feature that allows devices to connect to “multiple and multiple ecosystems locally, securely and simultaneously:”

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Apple, Google, and Amazon Devices Could Work Together Soon
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