Apple Is Making A Compromise By Axing The 16GB iPhone

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The iPhone 6 series gave Apple fans the option to be cautious with their money or throw it away, with the benefit of getting more storage space. Instead of choosing between a 32GB model and a 64GB one, you had a 16GB/64GB choice to make. Guess many chose the first, considering the amount of buzz rumors concerning Apple’s drop of the 16GB iPhone raised today #mobilemagic

The Wall Street Journal cited close sources to Apple for saying that the company is ready to make a compromise and start this fall’s flagship from 32GB. This would be the base model of iPhone 7, the cheapest one of the series. But will it be cheap enough?

See, many folks who bought the 16GB version of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S found themselves craving for more, but the 64GB upgrade was too much of a jump and seemed unnecessary at the time. Those who were hardcore photo and video makers quickly took the 64GB version, paying the difference begrudgingly. Naturally, all of them would have wanted something in the middle and Apple seems to finally acknowledge that (especially since most flagships offer 32GB as a standard size since 2014).

But do we really think this is an Apple gift? I bet the compromise will come with a price and our wallets will clearly feel it coming fall.

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