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Apple Might Launch MacBook Pro Without USB Ports

At the end of the month, Apple is expected to release the newest models of their popular MacBook Pro and Air. According to latest rumors, they will both come without the USB Ports #hardwaremagic

On October 27th, Apple is expected to show the latest updates made in the field of notebooks. The company could ditch the MacBook Air 11-inch version, focusing on the 13-inch one.

Meanwhile, MacBook Pro is rumored to launch without traditional ports, favoring USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 ones. With that, expect the MagSafe charging connector to disappear also. The MacBook Pro will have a shift in design too, triggered by the change of the top row of function keys. Those will disappear, probably being replaced by an OLED touchscreen. Keys will be dynamic, allowing them to open applications.

MacBook Pro is said to also include a flatter keyboard, so you’ll probably see a difference in matters of thickness too.

Apple Might Launch MacBook Pro Without USB Ports
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