Apple Watch Series 8: Five New Health Features
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Apple Watch Series 8: Five New Health Features

Let’s take a break from phones and see what’s happening in the watch world. Will Apple Watch Series 8, for example, look any different next year? Or are we gonna be disappointed… again?

If you ask me, Apple Watch Series 8 will leave you with mixed feelings.

Apple Watch Series 8: Design Changes

On one hand, you’re probably going to take a good look at the watch’s design and want to leave the room. Not because the design of the Watch Series 8 will be ugly but because Apple won’t change much from this year’s model. And frankly, we’ve had to look at this Apple Watch design for years now.  

In 2021, Apple tweaked the design here and there, curving the edges and opting for a bigger display. Will Apple risk doubling costs by changing it to a flat design next year? Not really.

In fact, renders of a watch that’s pretty identical to Watch Series 7 have popped on the Internet with one difference: a bigger speaker grille. This could mean two speakers on the side, instead of just one. But that’s it; that’s where design innovation stops for Watch Series 8. 

The silver lining here is that Apple rarely makes a hardware change such as this one without making a bigger play in the end. So, this new speaker grille could be used for better voice calls or it could enable a health feature. 

Apple Watch Series 8: 5 New Health Tracking Features

Speaking about health features, at least Apple won’t get stingy with us in this department. If you’re set for disappointment with the design, get ready to be thrilled by the new tracking smarts. 

It’s hard to tell whether all of rumored ones will make it to the Watch Series 8 or if, in typical Apple fashion, they will be sprinkled over more than one generation. 

Sooner or later, these are set to hit the Apple Watch, that is a certainty. If you ask me, one of the features most likely to pop on the Watch Series 8 is blood pressure monitoring. This could tell users if they’re hypertensive by measuring the speed of the wave of a heartbeat through their arteries. 

Another thing that’s been talked about by various leaksters is temperature monitoring. This makes so much sense especially in these times and could be easily implemented. A thermometer could tell you if your temperature is spiking indicating a fever, or help women keep track of their fertility. 

Apple could also use blood oxygen monitoring to detect sleep apnea. And try to understand if the user has been in a car crash. The latter could see the light of day very soon. By measuring a spike in gravitational force, Watch Series 8 and even iPhone 14 could tell if a car crash occurred and alert emergency services.

Still, one of the most awaited health features remains blood glucose monitoring. Apple has been working on this for years now so I’m hoping to see it functional next year or in 2023, at the latest. With this on, people could keep their blood glucose under check without going for an invasive procedure. 

Apple Watch Series 8: Price and Rugged Model

Getting more than one of these on the next Apple Watch will be a big win, especially if Apple keeps the same prices as this year. This means the Watch Series 8 could start at $400! 

Of course, the price will rise as sizes go up and rumor is, Watch Series 8 will come in three sizes. The third one could be even bigger than 45mm! 

Apple is also thinking about launching a rugged version of the smartwatch, one that is targeted at athletes and hikers. If they also increase battery life, users might forgive them for making zero efforts in the design area. 

What do you think – can you forgive their laziness and buy the watch for the health features and ruggedness?

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