Apple Is Working On Custom Mac Processors

Apple Is Working on Custom Mac Processors

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Apple’s Project Kalamata has been launched last month and it plans to replace the Intel Mac chips with internally-produced processors.

Intel has been dominating the market for many years, thanks to its ability to create processors that have proven to be more powerful than what the competitors had to offer. None of its rivals have put out products that crunch data as fast, or faster.

The project was supposed to launch in 2020 but The Oregonian has reported that work has already begun.

The move is most likely intended to reduce internal costs and give Apple more control over the minute details of the manufacturing process.

Apple is known for breaking up with third-party providers –it has done it with Imagination last year when they started to make their own graphic chips and they are currently following the same trend with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd., which supplies Apple with their management chips.

Though the company is very secretive about its research, it is now known that they have recently hired around two dozen people for their hardware engineering lab in Washington County.

The shift would allow Apple to stand out from the competition and it would also turn them into the only major PC maker to use its own processors.

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