Apple's Second Siri-Enabled Smart Home Speaker Is Here
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Apple’s Second Siri-Enabled Smart Home Speaker Is Here

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Say hello to the HomePod mini, the smaller and affordable ($99) version of the original Apple HomePod. The Siri-enabled smart home ‘budget’ smart speaker is available to purchase and will ship November 16.

At $99, the HomePod mini is Apple’s “budget” smart speaker, this version being significantly more convenient than the initial HomePod, at the same price as the Amazon Echo and Google Nest Audio. 

The new HomePod Mini directly competes with Sonos One, Nest Audio, as well as the Amazon Echo and will deliver the HomeKit experience.

The device now recognizes the voices of each member of your family and automatically integrates with the Home app. By integrating all the Apple products with the HomePod Mini, the user can access phone apps, read or send messages, listen to music, and a slew of other activities.

The new HomePod Mini works with Apple Music, iHeartRadio,, and TuneIn for the moment, but soon, we will have Pandora and Amazon Music too. On the inside, the speaker runs on the Apple’s S5 chip, the same as used in the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 5.

There is no surprise that Apple only puts its voice assistant in the company’s own smart speakers, and HomePod mini will be the second-ever Siri smart speaker.

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Apple’s Second Siri-Enabled Smart Home Speaker Is Here
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