April Fools Brings Us A City-Themed Snake Game in Google Maps


Google’s April Fools jokes are by far the most pleasant and innocent ones that are being played out today. If anything, we can call them small, thoughtful, fun gifts instead.

This year, the company has added a Snake game to Google Maps that lets the users play the nostalgia-heavy title through the pixel versions of most major cities around the world, from London to Tokyo.

You can choose to be a commuter train in Tokyo if you so feel inclined or choose the world map to eat up all across the planet. Just make sure you don’t go off the map or meet yourself as you continue to grow bigger and bigger.

To access the game, you only have to open Google Maps and tap on the menu icon on the top left corner where you’ll find a “Play Snake” option.

The game will only be available for a week within the app itself but if you’re anticipating a nostalgia rush that will last past that, worry not: the game is available on a standalone site that you can visit whenever you want.

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