Augmented Reality App Lets Everyone Explore The Secrets of The Human Body

Understanding human anatomy could come easier for patients and medical students if they would be able to explore muscle and organ, piece by piece, from every angle. Occasions such as that are rare though, so Project Esper is combining augmented reality technology with medical knowledge for an immersive learning experience #realitymagic

Project Esper helps students to learn the names and functionalities of each part of the human body, through hand gestures. They can turn, zoom in and zoom out to investigate every detail until they understand the mechanics of it all.  This immersive anatomical learning could be of great use to doctors too, who could explain better to their patients what is going on in their body.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t come out until 2017. Still, it’s good to know augmented reality is not just a mean to play games such as Pokemon Go, but also to learn about this world in a faster and more practical way.

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