Building Takes Care Of Employees By Changing Its Shape

When was the last time your workplace did something for you? Never, probably? Well, this building from Austria was designed to take care of the employees, by changing its own exterior #objectmagic

Austrian metal company Kiefer Technic asked architect Ernst Giselbrecht and its firm to show off their products in the best way possible inside an airy showroom. Considering that Kiefer Technic is a manufacturer of doors and stainless steel furniture, it definitely had to be something modern, sleek and techy. So, the team came up with a dynamic façade concept.

It was made from dozens of panels that open and shut with the help of electronically-controlled horizontal hinges. In this way, the building can adapt to various needs, from lighting requirements to heat tolerance. You can imagine how employees sitting at desks that face the sun directly would want some shade, while during sunset, they’d appreciate the rich, warmth natural light.

The Kiefer Technic Showroom facade changes continuously, daily, from hour to hour but can be set for a certain configuration anytime you need. It’s definitely in our Top best work spaces in the world.

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