The First Look at the New Nothing Phone (2) Reveals An Incredible Glyph Interface

nothing phone 2 glyphs

The first Nothing Phone was cute in its attempt to refresh the boring design of modern smartphones but the Nothing Phone (2) has seriously stepped up its game.

The  Nothing Phone (2) Glyph interface has received a big overhaul and upped the number of individual LEDs on the back from 12 LEDs to 33 LEDs.

Thanks to a first look at the Nothing Phone (2) posted by famous YouTuber MKBHD (Marques Brownlee), you can now see in every tiny detail.

Even though the general design of the  Nothing Phone (2) is the same as the Nothing Phone (1), the back did have some major changes: it’s now covered in curved glass and the Glyph lights have a lot more sections to sync with notifications and processes.

In the upper right section, the  Nothing Phone (2) has 16 LED lights that blink depending on what you do with the phone, like when you have a countdown timer on or if you’re fiddling with the volume buttons.

Nothing only has 2 native apps that take advantage of the Glyph system but hopefully more companies will partner with the brand to add more functionality to the Glyph system.

Uber is a main one and showcases what the  Nothing Phone (2) glyphs could be used for. In this case, the lights will show you a countdown timer for when your Uber arrives.

No doubt about it, the Nothing Phone (2) really looks futuristic and it’s lovely to see more phones being creative with the case.

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