Kite Can Pull A Whole Ship Across the Ocean

Kite Can Pull A Whole Ship Across the Ocean

In a scene straight out of Rippley’s Believe it or Not, a kite appears to be dragging a cargo ship across the ocean.

Of course, we’re not talking about a dollar store kite but an incredibly big, 500 square meters one.

Created by Airseas, this device will be attached to a 150 meters boat in January. The idea behind the contraption is to use less boat fuel which is harmful to the environment by having this kind of airborne help.

The ship that will test the kite’s strength and endurance is tasked with carrying airplane parts between France and the U.S.

The experiment will take around six months before launching the ship on its real life route.

To make it work, the kite will be mounted to the ship’s deck, where it can pop out just by touching a button. The best thing about the invention is that the kite model can be adjusted for any ship type and size.

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