Amazon’s Future Headphones Will Cancel Noise But Not A Distress Call


Noise-canceling headphones are everything we need on the commute or in busy coffees when we’re working. But as we go with them everywhere, the risk of bumping into someone, not hearing a distress call or even a desperate honk is pretty big. Amazon has found a way to keep us safe, even when we try to escape the world around us #objectmagic

The company has been awarded a patent at the end of this month for noise-canceling headphone that enable you to hear certain patterns, frequencies and even words like your name . In this way, the user would cancel background noise like grumpy commuters or motorcycle break sounds while being able to respond if someone were to call him on the street or warn him about reckless drivers.

The headphones would save lives thanks to microphones built in the ear pads. Those would function in a more or less similar way to Amazon Echo’s Alexa. Developers would train them to listen for special audio commands that concern the user.

That said, at this point there is no talk about a prototype just the possibility of making them real some day.

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