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Augmented Reality Ski Goggles Make Calls And Turn On The Music

Slashing the ice solo can feel a bit lonely at times. That’s why the team from RideOn developed smart ski goggles, the “first true augmented reality” ones, as they say #realitymagic

RideOn goggles have a see-through interface that allows the wearer to see the slope clearly, while displaying graphic elements. As you ski or snowboard, you’ll see a virtual map of the environment. This is meant to prepare you for any sudden lifts or lodges. If your friends happen to be at some distance and you need to tell them where to meet up afterwards, you can do this from the goggles. When icons pop on the screen, you simply choose to call any one of them or send a text.

If that doesn’t distract you from what you’re supposed to do in the first place – ahem, ski -, the in-built camera will. Once it’s turned on by selecting the video icon, it can record HD for 3 hours straight. Or, you can put on your favorite meditation songs and listen to soothing music. RideOn goggles allow half a day of fun, as in 6 hours, before the battery dies.

Mind you – the goggles aren’t at all cheap. The pre-order price is $629, so think twice before saving up money.

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