Augmented Reality Transforms Climbing Wall In Gaming Interface

augmented climbing wall gaming

A startup from Finland brought gaming to climbing walls. By using augmented reality, they’ve merged exercise with fun for an entirely new experience #realitymagic

Augmented Climbing Wall is a mix of competitive gaming and indoor wall climbing that goes everywhere you go. The tech can be installed in any climbing center or on a new wall, set in an indoor/outdoor environment, during team-buildings or special events. The idea behind it is remarkably simple, making use of the startup’s proprietary computer vision technology and a high powered projector.

Participants go to a climbing wall as they are used to, take a couple of steps and then watch as the game is brought to life by the projector. Graphics appear on the wall and guide gamers to the finish line. There are types of activities to choose from:

  • Climball – two-player game, two gaming modes (collaborative/competitive), combines pinball, air hockey and climbing
  • Sparks – one player game, various levels, the goal being to stay on the climbing wall, moving from one hold to another, without touching the “electricity”
  • Whack-a-bat – one or two-player game in which the games has to follow “the bat” as it flies on the wall faster and faster
  • Augmented problems – one player game in which the games creates a route for indoor climbing and tries to follow it perfectly

All are meant to engage the user, enable him to take the gym exercise to the next level. Body tracking technology keeps “record” of participants’ every move.

At the end of the day, this type of activity can bring better fitness results, in a shorter amount of time. The best thing? You won’t even know when the time has passed!



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