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NASA Has A Bold Plan To Make Mars Habitable Again

Mars habitable NASA

NASA scientists believe they have found a natural solution to make Mars habitable again. A giant magnetic field would, theoretically, shield the planet from solar winds so that it would regains its atmosphere #todaymagic

Once upon a time, Mars had the means to sustain life. Its protective magnetic field collapsed though, and with it, the thick atmosphere present there was lost. Liquid water and warmth disappeared with it, leaving the Red Planet as we know it today: a harsh, dry, inhospitable place.

That said, scientists from NASA believe there’s a way to recover what was lost. Starting from the miniature magnetosphere research conducted to protect astronauts, they theorized that the same technology, on a larger scale, could protect an entire planet from cosmic radiation. By launching an artificial magnetosphere, NASA could shield Mars from the sun as its own magnetic field did once.

“We need to be able then to also modify that direction of the magnetic field so that it always pushes the solar wind away.”, added Jim Green, NASA’s Planetary Science Division Director.  Of course, this is a mere idea of a plan to terraform Mars, but if it were brought to completion, Mars would regain half of the atmospheric pressure of Earth in a couple of years.

As atmosphere got thicker, the temperature would rise with a couple of degrees, helping carbon trap heat and melting the planet’s ice at the northern polar cap. Rivers would flow again and life would be possible. “If this can be achieved in a lifetime, the colonisation of Mars would not be far away.”, explains Green.



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