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Augmented Reality Windows, Considered For Hyperloop Transportation


Hyperloop has made headlines this week with the news that it could connect three European capitals – Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. The company is still in trial period, running feasibility studies but if so, it could make the journeu in 20 minutes at more than 700mph. What would those passengers see in the interval? It would probably take some time to get used to boring, inside decorations unless… Hyperloop invests in AR windows.

At South by Southwest event in Texas, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) chief Dirk Ahlborn said he plans to offer some magnificent, augmented reality views to passengers. We’re not talking about simple videos and digital images displayed on the walls, but entertaining experiences made more real than ever by tracking your movements.

Ahlborn didn’t stop here. He is considering displaying information and entertainment also, with the possibility of cool advertisments: “Imagine, you can be in a virtual world and travel through Jurassic World, Terminator land and maybe your trip is sponsored by those companies through the advertising.”

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