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Bank Of America Customers Will Sign In With A Fingerprint Next Year

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Bank of America partnered up with Intel to offer customers another sign-in option, via fingerprint #biomagic

After a recent, unforgettable security breach (cough cough, Equifax), Bank of America is announcing a new measure to strengthen the authentication process for their internet banking system platform. If you sign in often as a BofA customers via PC, you’ll find in a couple of months that you can use your fingerprint as a key as well. Bank of America teamed up with Intel to integrate their biometric solution in 2018.

Intel’s Online Connect technology will take advantage of the latest Intel Core processors found in PC’s running Windows with biometric support.  So, when you access Bank of America’s website, you’ll be able to input your fingerprint and run the authentication process. The data will be stored locally, on device, giving you peace of mind regarding the security of the information given.

The single caveat is that the service will be accessible only to those users who have the hardware necessary to run Online Connect. That said, the institution has alternative biometric means of authentication. For example, those who will decide to buy the iPhone X or have purchased it already are going to enter the system using Apple’s Face ID facial recognition technology.

Months ago, Bank of America met with Samsung to develop and implement new iris-based authentication methods to help clients sign in their mobile banking app. With this announcement, BofA is coming full circle.

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