Bethesda Announces 'Turnaround Plan' For Fallout 76

Bethesda Announces ‘Turnaround Plan’ For Fallout 76


Rolling out games and patching them out later on is, unfortunately, very common in our current gaming industry and one of the most recent examples of a game that, perhaps, should have been launched later, is the already notorious Fallout 76. 

Or was it launched at just the right time to still be saved?

The game was shredded by critics and players alike for featuring glitch after glitch and content that did not seem fully thought through, among other things. 

Bethesda’s Todd Howard himself admitted that they knew Fallout 76 was not the type of game that the fans are used to see from the studio and that they will definitely get criticism for it: “A lot of that is very well-deserved criticism.” Howard went on to say

Bethesda however did not just let the game be as it was and worked hard on releasing update after update in an attempt to elevate it to a better place. 

There’s no strategy [for fixing it] other than just keep making the game better,” Howard went on to say. “People who play it will come back.”

So, what’s the turnaround plan for Fallout 76? 

It begins with a 52-player Battle Royale mode called Nuclear Winter. This mode will pitch the players against each other for the role of Overseer and will be using the usual guns, power armor and a number of ‘exclusive perks’ that have been developed specifically for Nuclear Winter, that will upgrade their abilities.

The mode will feature a nuclear storm that approaches all players, forcing them to come against each other whether they like it or not. 

Battle Royale mode will be available as a ‘sneak peek’ as of today, June 10th up to June 17th in a free trial session.

Another free update will follow in the fall, dubbed Wastelanders. This one will follow a full quest line, a new string of rewards, complete dialogue trees and non-player human characters, something that the users have been asking for since a while ago. They will also choose between siding with either the Settlers or the Raiders. 

This is a long-term story we’re telling,” said Bethesda during E3 “Year one of Fallout 76 was all about the opening of Vault 76 and players settling the Wasteland. In year two, other humans are returning to reclaim Appalachia.”


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