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Xiaomi Launches Ebook Reader That Recognizes Handwriting

Xiaomi‘s first electronic paper device is here and it features a 10.3-inch display and a stylus pen. It’s called the “Ink Case Smart Electronic Paper”.

The electronic paper features a flat design with a white body and an ultra-light magnesium alloy middle frame, being approximately two-thirds the size of an iPad.

The Ink Case Smart Electronic Paper is not able to emit light itself, instead it uses an e-ink display screen.

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The device has low power consumption, a display area about 3 times the size of your ordinary 6-inch e-book reader, thanks to its very small bezels. Also, the device surpasses the pixel size of an FHD TV screen, with the resolution reaching 1404×1872 pixels.

Therefore, these features make the product ideal for reading documents, but also novels, comic books or magazines.

The e-book reader is accompanied by a Wacom electromagnetic stylus which supports 4096-level pressure sensing with a sampling rate of 360 times/second. The ink case smart electronic paper is able to recognize handwritten letters, due to its smart algorithm, therefore you can go ahead and write on the screen because the stylus will save it for future reference.

The device runs on a custom Android 8.1 version for electronic ink display. You can connect it to the Internet via Wi-Fi and it has a built-in 32GB storage and 2GB of RAM, so it’s able to store approximately 10,000 pdf files.

If it’s something you’re thinking of trying out, the device costs about $380.

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