Blow 10 Candles And Make A Wish! Next Year, iPhone 8 Might Really Change Your Life


Lucky number 7 will be replaced by lucky number 8, if Apple rumors are to be believed. While this fall the company will introduce a new handset that could ditch the home button and headphone jack, the real surprises are left for 2017, when the mighty iPhone will be 10 years old #mobilemagic

Since next year will mark such an important event for Apple, sources and leakers believe the team is keeping the goodies for that particular unveiling. While at this month’s WWDC conference iOS was drastically changed and Siri got her fair share of challenges, the game changer is set to be the iPhone 8. 

So, how are Apple’s fans going to be rewarded next year?

For one, they’ll get a more sleek, wrap-around, all glass display.   It’s probably going to be edge-to-edge, without the ubiquitous bezels. That means the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and selfie camera will be built in the display, according to MacRumorsThat’s going to please those of you who love Apple but crave for more display space.

Before we go into special features and body, we have to remind you that there’s a good probability that the LCD display will be replaced by an OLED one, since it’s more efficient, lighter and thinner, and also offers better contrast ratios and colors.

Apple’s anniversary phone might even sport a double biometric authentication system with the adding of an iris scanner or at least offer wireless charging, something Samsung users have enjoyed since the Galaxy S6 and Note 5 (without charging battery doors).

The one thing I’m not so delighted about is the possibility of replacing the aluminum body with a glass one, returning to the iPhone 4 look. Otherwise, let’s just fast-forward to 2017, shall we?



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