Boeing 777x Has Folding Wingtips, Could Carry Passengers As Early As Next Year

Paris Air Show was in full swing the past week but Boeing Airplanes didn’t show up there, instead preferring to debut on Twitter the design of its new 777x aircraft.

Featuring a premiere for commercial jetliners, the Boeing 777x has folding wingtips, a design choice that lets it squeeze its massive 235 wingspan through the same airport gates where 777 airplanes (with 213 feet of wingspan) now operate.

The 777x is the latest member of the 777 family, which celebrated its 25 year anniversary this month, and could roll out as early as next year, depending on when it completes the testing and certification process.

“Our teams will continue ground tests in the weeks ahead as we develop our newest twin-aisle jet,” Boeing said on Twitter.

It will be available in two models – the 777-8 with 384 passengers capacity and 777-9 for 426 passengers.

Eight companies already placed orders for the moving wingtips aircraft, with British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and ANA among them.

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