Boston Dynamics To Start Selling The SpotMini Robot in 2019

Boston Dynamics to Start Selling the SpotMini Robot in 2019

Credit: Boston Dynamics

The SpotMini robot from Boston Dynamics is, according to the company who made the announcement yesterday at UC Berkeley, already in pre-production and will become commercially available in 2019.

The SpotMini will be produced at a rate of 1,000 units per year and it wants to serve as a platform for a number of applications. It can be used for construction work, delivery, security and home assistance and maybe more. The SpotMini is 3 feet high, weighs around 55 pounds and can operate on a full charge for about 90 minutes.

Credit: Boston Dynamics /YouTube

Basically, the robot is among us to help, as scary as it might seem to people who find its dexterity spine-chilling. The expansion port used by the robot’s arm is planned to support tools developed by third parties so in the future we could see it with additions that help it deliver goods, in the same way its predecessor, the original Spot, was used.

The robot does not come with a price tag just yet but Boston Dynamics has said that the prototype costs 10 times less to build than the initial Spot, so it might prove not terrifyingly pricey.

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