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Apple Watches Banned From Government Meetings in UK

The U.K. Government has asked top officials to leave their Apple Watches at home or at the door before entering a high-profile meeting. British politicians are weary of the discussions the devices’ microphones could pick up #securemagic

Officials from Great Britain have banned Apple’s smartwatches during highly classified meetings. The reason? Their fear of foreign spies. These could use the gadgets to find out the country’s future political and economical moves.

In 2013, David Cameron instilled other precautions of this sort. Then, both iPhones and iPads had to be left outside of private meetings. Some say politicians went even farther by keeping them in lead-lined, soundproof boxes.

But who is U.K. hiding from now? Russian spies, according to the Telegraph. Hackers from Russia are giving them and U.S. officials a hard time; just last Friday, the U.S. Intelligence Community was saying that several cyber attacks from 2015 were planned, if not executed, by Russians.

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Apple Watches Banned From Government Meetings in UK
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