Holobeam Chat App For HoloLense

HoloBeam Chat Projects Your Friend In The Same Room As You

Microsoft HoloLens is a great way of interacting with people you’d normally have no access too, from the comfort of your home (see George Takei here.) A fun feature that has gained practicality with Valorem’s chat app, specifically created for this platform. HoloBeam projects friends, colleagues and other people you would speak over the phone, in your room #realitymagic

HoloBeam takes a 3D image of the person you’re communicating with and beams it into your livingroom where you can see it clear as day, as long as you have the HoloLens on. It’s almost like leaving Skype to talk with your buddy face-to-face again.

Accepting a call or saying goodbye is done seamlessly through hand gestures. No need for input device, my friends! Also, you don’t have to stick to your sofa; WinBeta says you have freedom of movement of 120-degree viewing angle before the image gets ruined.

The only problem we see with HoloBeam? The price of a. the stereoscopic camera needed to beam the image and b. the HoloLens headset (if you haven’t bought it so far). It’s not going to be cheap, we’re sure of that, yet we can’t speak of a price since the app doesn’t even have a launch date yet.

HoloBeam Chat Projects Your Friend In The Same Room As You
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