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Google Bought FameBit To Connect Video Creators With Sponsors

After giving creative minds everywhere a platform of self-expression (YouTube), Google has decided to encourage them find a place on the marketplace. The company has bought FameBit, a place where content creators and marketers can meet #videomagic

Instead of watching YouTubers leave in search of brands looking out for sponsored content, Google has brought the brands to them. On FameBit, video creators can find the most suitable sponsors and monetize their content better than ever before.

This move should make YouTube even more appealing to vloggers, motivating them to use the Social Media medium more than ever before. FameBit has so far been used to make 25,000 branded videos and fortunately, not all of the video creators here are YouTube stars. In fact, the platform hosts “long- and mid-tail creators”.

Google Bought FameBit To Connect Video Creators With Sponsors
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