BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

New BMW Concept Bike Doesn’t Require Helmet

Today, you’d be incredibly irresponsible to ride a bike with no helmet on or body protection. In 30 years, people are going to see things differently if BMW has something to say. The company has unveiled their bike of the future – a vehicle so safe, you won’t need a helmet at all #automagic

The Motorrad Vision Next 100 is the latest in a series of futuristic vehicles proposed by BMW this year.  It comes with a zero-emission powerplant that should eliminate the need for pistons. That said, you’ll still see them attached to the bike, expanded when it’s on the move and folded when the bike is quietly parked in a corner.

The company explained that the reason behind this design decision has to do with aerodynamics and protection, as the side wings help the rider on the road.

Speaking of protection, Motorrad is big on safety systems. In fact, BMW boldly claims you could go with this baby on the highway – no helmet or leather equipment needed. That’s because the vehicle has a self-right system meaning it will keep it vertically aligned to the floor. You won’t see anymore dents the following morning and will help you handle it easier while in motion.

That’s not the only trick BMW has up their sleeve. A special visor will help the rider face terrible winds and also see crucial information such as navigation data, telemetry and rear view images.

As a premium smart vehicle, the Motorrad Vision Next 100 is able to understand its limits to the point where it can suggest or undertake corrections at difficult turns or during rush hour. Plus, the wheel treads have been envisioned to change automatically, depending on road conditions.

As magical as all that sounds, in 30 years’ time we’re likely to see bolder, crazier rides hitting stores, leaving this model on the bench forever.

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New BMW Concept Bike Doesn’t Require Helmet
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