Canadians Made an Electric Car to Mine Crypto

If you’re looking for another reason to finally switch from gasoline to electric car, here’s one: the cars’ ability to mine crypto.

Folks were already putting their Teslas to work last year. One man actually made headlines after using his Tesla Model 3 to make about $800/ month.

And that trend evolved into a use case in itself. This year, to stay on top, you “have to” drive an electric car made specifically for crypto mining.

At least that’s what Canadians think – and they’ve just made it possible.

The Daymak Spiritus is a three-wheeled car that was created with crypto mining in mind. The car evolved from a mere prototype to a fully functional model which just had its first test drive.

During it, the vehicle topped at 86mph – not that impressive considering the industry right now but for a crypto mining car, just good enough.

The plan is to release the Daymak Spiritus next year. There will be only 50,000 units available.

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