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Your Tesla Car Will Disable the Seat Controls if It Wants To

If you mess too much with your seat controls, your Tesla car might just snap and disable them altogether.

The “seat control disabling feature” is not yet in cars but on its way to market. The curious change was identified by by @greentheonly, an anonymous hacker:

As you can tell from his revealing tweets, the change will come to Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles but not all units will be affected.

The ones getting the new feature are from Brose, a new German supplier Tesla has just decided to partner with for stea motors.

It’s Brose that came up with seat warnings when either the drive or a front row passenger play too much with them.

What is “too much” in Brose’s view? Well, the first warning comes after 90 seconds of fiddling within a 5-minute period of time. If users ignore it for the next 30 seconds, the car will take it upon itself to disable the controls altogether while issuing a warning against further “excessive use.” 

To detect this abuse of power, the seat are able to track and measure the amount of adjustments made either forward or backward, unlike lumbar support controls.

While your old Tesla will remain passive to your excessive fiddling, a new one – assuming you’re looking to buy a vehicle soon from the company – is likely to come with this bizarre feature.

Just make sure you keep calm and think your next move carefully!

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Your Tesla Car Will Disable the Seat Controls if It Wants To
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