The UK Is Embracing NFTS With an Official One of Their Own
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The UK Is Embracing NFTs With an Official One of Their Own

The legitimacy of NFTs is on the rise as the United Kingdom decides to take a leap and issue an official NFT of their own.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak confirmed that the Royal Mint will issue an official NFT this year, probably in the summer. 

This is a decisive move that shows the UK’s determination to get with the times and embrace digital currency through and through.

The British government apparently wants to show they can be “forward-looking” and create a “dynamic regulatory landscape” where this tech has a place of its own, according to Secretary John Glen.

Besides putting a legitimate UK NFT out there, authorities are looking into legislation where stablecoins are part of the country’s payment system and investment funds that include crypto are welcomed.

According to Glen, the United Kingdom is getting ready to form a Cryptoasset Engagement Group with high-rank members from the FCA and Bank of England as well as businessmen.

It’s clear that if NFTs and crypto gain people’s confidence as days go by, the UK wants to be at the front of the race.

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The UK Is Embracing NFTs With an Official One of Their Own
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