Want to Browse Anonymously on Mobile? Tor Browser for Android Is Here

Want to Browse Anonymously on Mobile? Tor Browser for Android Is Here

tor browser for android

Tor has long been the browser of choice for privacy-oriented individuals. Now, with the world aware of just how users can be tracked across the web, Tor introduced the Tor Browser for Android, an app that will make anonymous browsing on mobile so much easier.
Based on Firefox v60 and with privacy baked in, the Tor Browser for Android will eventually replace Tor’s older browser, Orfox, and bring a few much-needed improvements. Orfox required the Orbot proxy app to connect to Tor and, right now, the newer browser demands the same setup.

However, with future releases, there won’t be a need to install two apps for anonymous browsing on smartphones. As you probably know by now, Tor (or The Onion Router) is actually a network of encrypted relays that route your web traffic in order to conceal your identity, protect your privacy by stopping trackers, and let you access sites that are blocked in your actual location.

If you want to try the Tor Browser for Android now, you can find an alpha version on Google Play. The full release is set for somewhere in 2019, so you’ll have to wait a bit for that one.

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