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Can’t Get GPS Signal For Your Drone? This Is What You Have To Do!

Drones come in all sizes, at all prices, so it’s no wonder many of you have one at home. The only problem is, once the GPS signal is down, you can’t do much with them than sigh in frustration. So, how about relying on something other than a global positioning system to guide your drone? #actionmagic

Augmented Pixels are using computer vision, instead of GPS, to keep the drone up in the air and on course. Either indoors or outdoors, their software solution helps drones fly offline with high accuracy within 1-2 centimeters. The drone owner doesn’t need any skill or knowledge to tame the quadcopter, just their solution and a smartphone app. 

Moreover, the Augmented Pixels solution allows people to “program a drone to automatically fly around the premises and land by itself on the charging station”.

Sounds perfect, but we’ll have to see when the company is going to actually release the software on the market. These days, they are organizing demo meetings for interested parties so we can only hope the app will reach customers sometime, this year.

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