CaseLabs Gaming PC Case Maker Shuts Down Due to US Tariffs

caselabs bankruptcy us tariffs

Caselabs, one of the most popular PC case makers out there, especially in the gaming area, just announced that it’s shutting down. The reason for the abrupt announcement is the tariffs war between president Trump’s administration and the Chinese government.

On Wednesday, the Chinese government announced that it will impose a 25% tax, starting on 23 August, on US products worth $16 billion, after the US imposed a similar tax back in July.  Then, the US government replied with the same tariffs increase, raising taxes on 279 products, from motorcycles to antennas, an economic war which is already claiming a few casualties.

Because of the US raising taxes on Chinese imports, CaseLabs found itself forced into bankruptcy and liquidation.

“The tariffs have played a major role raising prices by almost 80 percent (partly due to associated shortages), which cut deeply into our margins. The default of a large account added greatly to the problem. It hit us at the worst possible time” explained the PC case maker.

If you were looking for a new gaming PC and eyeing CaseLabs’ offerings, perhaps it’s time to consider alternatives for your build. Sadly enough, the company also said that the backlog of case orders won’t be able to be fulfilled but that the company will still continue to ship some other parts to customers.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ramona Mills

    October 21, 2019 at 7:10 am

    Beautiful essay! This is a open love letter to all the fighting game enthusiasts. As I 90’s kid, I feel like the fighting game community is getting smaller here in Brazil. I have a real hard time to find games to buy on retail shops and such. But I feel this is a generation issue. I feel like the younger gamers are moving towards Sports games (soccer is huge deal here) or MMORPG and stuff like that. I hope that things change around here. Thank you for this video!

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