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Classical Music Goes Tech: Steinway Reveals Smart Piano

Steinway & Sons

Even if you’re not a musician yourself, you have most likely heard about Steinway & Sons – the piano maker has been a constant presence in the musical word for over 160 years but, even if it has a long history, that doesn’t mean it will stubbornly stay in the past.

The company has partnered with Wayne Stahnke and now released a new piano, called the Steinway Spirio that prides itself as being ‘a masterpiece of engineering’.

Each one of the Spirio pianos comes equipped with an iPad Pro which the piano players can use to either record, playback or edit their own songs. The app that accompanies the piano allows the users to modify anything from note velocity and duration to pedal data and even delete or add time.

The final recordings can be saved and shared in MIDI, MP3 and Spirio‘s own high resolution format.

For now, there’s no word how much the Spirio will cost but the first model, which was released in 2015 and allowed the users to playback songs from a vast musical catalog, came with a price tag that started at $84,000 and went all the way up to $116,000.

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