COVID-19 Humble Bundle Gives You $1000 Worth of Fun for Just $30, Will Donate All Proceeds

COVID-19 Humble Bundle Gives You $1000 Worth of Fun for Just $30, Will Donate All Proceeds

humble bundle conquer covid 19 promotion

PC gaming’s darling Humble Bundle store is once again coming back with a deal that’s impossible to miss.

The Conquer COVID-19 Humble Bundle packs together more than $1000 of games and comic books and it can be yours to keep you entertained during lockdowns for just $30.

Even better, all of the proceeds will be donated to the organizations involved in responding to the coronavirus pandemic – either delivering protective gear or supporting vulnerable patients.

You’d think that there would be duds in such a bundle but no – most of this content is spectacular!

Here are a few of our recommendations.

Read the comics Locke & Key, turned into a series by Netflix, or The Boys, turned into an amazing Amazon Show. Then, if you didn’t see those shows, start with The Boys and thank us later.

Play the puzzle The Witness, one of the best games in recent years, or try the VR shooter Superhot.

Perhaps nostalgia is up your alley right now? There’s the excellent Psychonauts game and Brutal Legend with Jack Black and cameos of metalhead legends.

Other amazing titles include the Darksider series and Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons.

Most of the games also come with Steam keys, so the deal is even sweeter.

Find the bundle here

It might come in handy, as most major publishers and developers say new releases might be impacted by the COVID-19 outbreaks.

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