Why A Man In Germany Got 217 COVID-19 Shots In 29 Months

photo of vaccine vials by maksim goncharenok

A newly published case study in The Lancet Infectious Diseases examines a man that got 217 COVID-19 vaccinations in 29 months.


For “private reasons” is the explanation given so, basically, there is no explanation at all. It got so absurd, the authorities opened a fraud investigation against the man when they discovered 130 vaccinations in nine months.

Still, his decision to get so many booster shots did help authorities learn more about the body’s tolerance to hypervaccination.

ArsTechnica writes:

“The researchers were able to collect blood and saliva samples from the man during his 214th to 217th vaccine doses. They compared his immune responses to those of 29 people who had received a standard three-dose series.

Throughout the dizzying number of vaccines, the man never reported any vaccine side effects, and his clinical testing revealed no abnormalities related to hypervaccination. The researchers conducted a detailed look at his responses to the vaccines, finding that while some aspects of his protection were stronger, on the whole, his immune responses were functionally similar to those from people who had far fewer doses. Vaccine-spurred antibody levels in his blood rose after a new dose but then began declining, similar to what was seen in the controls.”

The study concludes with the observation that, while they didn’t notice any adverse events in the patient, the researchers “do not endorse hypervaccination as a strategy to enhance adaptive immunity.”

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok

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