D3 Engineering Made A DMS Development Kit

D3 Engineering DMS
source: FotoNation

Incidents involving autonomous technology and driverless cars have left users around the world feeling pretty discouraged. Right now, 73% of American drivers are having doubts about riding in a fully autonomous car in the future. Efforts like those from D3 Engineering, a group that just announced a DMS dev kit meant to help engineers create safe systems, are working to turn public opinion and help make autonomous driving safer for people.

The DesignCore™ Driver Monitoring System (DMS) Development Kit is made up of two D3 camera modules, a TDA3x advanced vision processor from Texas Instruments, and industry-leading algorithms from FotoNation.

The cameras feature a 2MP sensor and IR illumination for use in all lighting conditions, as well as an RGB LED for user feedback during system development. FotoNation software (eye gaze tracking, face detection, head position tracking, and 3D facial feature detection) is biometrics-ready and key in assessing the driver’s level of attention, as well as detecting signs of fatigue.

“FotoNation’s Deep Learning based technology performs with great accuracy. The continually expanding database allows for a robust embedded driver monitoring and driver identification solution with our DesignCore platforms,” explained Jerome Barczykowski, Product Manager for Autonomous Systems at D3 Engineering.

The kit is easy to set up and is meant to accurately evaluate DMS tech to ensure that it properly functions when integrated. It supports automotive use cases for Level 2 and Level 3 autonomous vehicles – partial and conditional automation respectively – so the driver must still be in control, ready to jump in and take the wheel.

If you’re curious to see it in action, FotoNation will demonstrate this tech at TU Automotive Detroit 2018 in Novi, MI June 6-7, 2018.

The D3 DesignCore™ Driver Monitoring System (DMS) Development Kit is available now for $8,000. The FotoNation DMS + Iris Tracking Application Library with evaluation licensing is included in purchase of the kit.

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