DARPA’s Reconfigurable Wheels Are All-Terrain Marvels

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DARPA and Carnegie Mellon University just demoed a Reconfigurable Wheel-Track technology that looks straight out of Transformers! Watch how the wheels become tracks or tires in less than two seconds in order to navigate on and offroad.

Going from round wheels to a triangular track allows for greater maneuverability and mobility for armored vehicles but that’s not all! The GXV-T demo (Ground X-Vehicle Technologies) also focuses on crew augmentation, bringing virtual windows via 3D goggles, LIDAR cameras and more in order to provide 360-degree situational awareness without sacrificing armor.

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“A tactical vehicle offers limited visibility and data for decision-making, especially when moving rapidly through unfamiliar territory. Raytheon BBN Technologies’ V-PANE technology demonstrator fuses data from multiple vehicle-mounted video and LiDAR cameras to create a real-time 3-D model of the vehicle and its nearby surroundings. In a final Phase 2 demonstration, drivers and commanders in a windowless recreational vehicle successfully switched among multiple virtual perspectives to accurately maneuver the vehicle and detect targets of interest during both low- and high-speed travel,” details DARPA.

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