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Designer Reimagines The Ford F-150 Into A Viable Cybertruck Alternative

Glen George

Tesla took a few shots towards Ford during the CiberTruck reveal, angering a portion of the car manufacturer fanbase in the process. It is understandable, seeing that the F-150 is one of the most popular trucks in the US and across the world, Ford offering a reliable and efficient machine, in one big package.

The public loved the F-150, and this is obvious by the reaction of Ford owners after the Tesla Cybertruck reveal. Some of them motivated, some of them borderline offensive, others went the route of creativity, like Glen George, who went and redesigned the F-150 into an EV truck to rival the Cybertruck in looks.

Dubbed the F-E50, the Glen George reimagining of the iconic Ford F-150 looks like something that the traditional car manufacturer may put out. It’s in sync with Ford design philosophy and language, but also adding a bit from the Cybertruck in feel. It takes some liberties when it comes to the inspiration source, the end result looking like an unusual and very unlikely progeny between an F-150 and a Cybertruck.

F-E50 has some strange design choices, like the windshield, or the shape of the squared-off look of the body. From the square wheel arches to the glasshouse, the styling looks to blend space with functionality. You can tell is a Ford truck, by the big lettering in the front, and possibly by the boomerang-shaped LED headlights.

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