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DJI Inspire 2 Comes With Two Cameras For Dual Operators

DJI is in a launching frenzy. In a relatively short period of time, the company has announced Phantom 4 Pro, Matrice 600 Pro and now, DJI Inspire 2 for professional filmmakers. Needless to say, it’s pretty hardcore #actionmagic

DJI Inspire 2 was upgraded from head to toe. The shell is made from a new magnesium-aluminum alloy that makes it lightweight but rigid all the same. The top speed is now an exhilarating 67 mph with a flying time of 27 minutes. The 16,400 feet above sea level service ceiling guarantees breathtaking views over a city or even over a range of mountains because the self-heating system can withstand very cold temperatures.


This is just the beginning. Its video and photo-taking ability (the part you’re really interested in, let’s face it) has been revamped to suit two operators – pilot and director. Inspire 2 is equipped with two cameras, a Zenmuse one for capturing footage underneath a three-axis gimbal and a secondary two-axis one meant to help the pilot adjust direction and itinerary with the master controller. The primary one can rotate 360 degrees to any angle of interest and capture 5.2K video at a huge 4.2Gbps bitrate thanks to a new image processing system, CineCore 2.0. Thankfully, DJI has installed an on-board SSD to store all that data! Photography-wise, the drone comes with DNG RAW mode and can capture 30MP images. 

Phantom 4 Pro isn’t the only drone capable of understanding what is sees and avoiding dangers. DJI Inspire 2 has vision sensors attached to the front and bottom of the UAV, with infrared ones placed on top. These, coupled with a computer vision system and automatic subject tracking, make for good obstacle avoidance and subject framing. It’s going to come in handy during a live broadcast, that’s for sure.

DJI Inspire 2 comes at the not-so-surprising price of $2.999. 

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DJI Inspire 2 Comes With Two Cameras For Dual Operators
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