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Domino’s Is Delivering Pizza With An Autonomous Robot

Domino’s will soon forgo delivery bikes in favor of autonomous robots. DRU is the first pizza robot of its kind, recently released by the company on the streets of Australia to bring fresh food to loyal customers.

Built in collaboration with Australian technology startup Marathon Targets, Domino’s Robotic Unit uses LIDAR, a tech found in driverless cars to identify the environment. It can also keep destinations “in mind” with GPS tracking and Google Maps. While on the road, it stops kids from taking neighbours’ slices on the go with a locked door that only opens when the customer introduces a mobile code. DRU is equipped with an insulated storage for both hot and cold food and beverages.

The good news is Domino’s is moving quickly. In the next six months, such vehicles will appear in stores and with a bit of luck, we will see DRUs circling the city streets in a couple of years.

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