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Sony, Planning on A PlayStation 4.5 With 4K Games?

sony controller
Sony controller. Pixabay

Sony will release its PlayStation VR this October, but that’s not the only thing they have in mind. According to Kotaku sources,  Sony is working on an upgrade to PS4, called appropriately PlayStation 4.5, with more graphical power than before and games with 4K resolution.

While the current PS4 can play 4K photos and videos, it can’t run games at 4K. So, users will either upgrade to the new technology or have to buy an entirely new device. Another thing PlayStation 4.5 will come with is a better GPU that will also add more processing power to the games supported by Sony VR.

It’s unclear if Sony will be able to launch the new PlayStation this year, especially since it refused to comment on these rumors at Kotaku’s request. Apparently, developers have already talked to the company at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco but can’t give us a timeline or a cost.

We’ll update this news as soon as we find out more. For now, enjoy the prospect of a new, 4K video gaming PlayStation!

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