Samsung Patent Points To A Roll-Out Phone In The Future

samsung mobile

What’s next for Samsung you ask? After dabbling in VR and accompanying headphones, water-resisting and wireless charging phones, the company is developing a roll-out smartphone.

According to Patently Mobile diagrams, Samsung is planning a flexible display in the sense that it can roll out from the body of a phone. You can simply slide the body up when you need a bigger vertical display (particularly useful when reading a book or following a social media feed).

samsung mobile

Pretty cool, right? Until now, flexible meant curved bodies and bent screens. Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex made the first steps in that direction, helping us discover that a phone can fit more comfortable in our hands and along our ears than ever before.

From this to actual roll-out screens there’s a long way to go market-wise, if and when they make it work from a technology point of view.


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