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Dotts M Are Completely Customizable 3D Printed Headphones

Credit: Dottsaudio

Most of the headphone designs nowadays are pretty basic: they usually come in black with a touch of color here and there. So, users don’t have much of a say in it, especially if they prefer to invest in sound quality over aesthetics.

Here enters Dottsaudio, a company that decided to do something about it. The Spanish manufacturer introduced the Dotts M headphones with a 3D printed customizable shell design that still offers high quality sound.

The headphones are modular and they can be changed and combined however you want. According to the company, you can create as many as 600 different designs! They also have an integrated microphone and you are able to get in touch with the virtual assistant of your choice thanks to them.

Credit: Dottsaudio / YouTube 

The company uses sustainable materials for the headphones (which are also impact resistant!). The headband is extremely flexible and you can twist and turn it any way you like and it will not break. The controls are featured on the ear cups and they can be used to take calls, skip songs or control the volume.

You can connect the headphones to smartphones and laptops using Bluetooth 5.0. The battery life is pretty good as well – you get up to 40 hours of playback with a full month worth of standby. The headphones can be ordered and customized to your liking for around $128 and, if you order them now, you can expect to get them sometime in October.

Pretty neat, don’t you think?

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