DreamHack and DTS, in Co-Op Until End of 2020

DTS is going to co-op with DreamHack, the well-known gaming tournament organizer, for the remainder of the year.

What started in February as a first run for the two, at DreamHack Anaheim, will continue through DreamHack Atlanta and DreamHack Winter.

You’ll see the two “playing” side by side especially during DreamHack’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events, DreamHack Masters and DreamHack Open.

“Just as DreamHack is proud to be a pioneer in the growth and development of the esports industry over the last 25 years, DTS has been inventing and delivering audio solutions for mobile devices, home theater systems, cinema, and beyond in a similar time frame. All of us at DreamHack are excited to maximize this partnership to the benefit of our audiences.”, said Roger Lodewick, Co-CEO of DreamHack.

Indeed, DTS, as a renowned audio and imaging technology company, part of Xperi, is a natural fit at esports events, online and offline experiences that bring out the passionate and competitive side of gamers.

“DTS is incredibly excited for our global partnership with the iconic premier gaming event leader, Dreamhack. This collaboration will provide unique online and offline experiences for our passionate community of gamers as well as first-in-class opportunities for us around esports competitions. We’re thrilled to grow with Dreamhack and look forward to building an incredible partnership together!”, said Sam Keene, Director, Digital Marketing for Xperi.

We’ll see how that partnership pans out as the DreamHack events start.

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