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Dropbox Capture Tool Aims To Help You Cut Down On Video Meetings

Dropbox is moving further into the productivity tools market with the launch of Dropbox Capture.

This tool aims to help you cut down on video meetings and emails by replacing them with videos you make.

“The Surprising Science of Meetings estimates that US companies waste over $250 billion a year on unnecessary meetings,” says Dropbox, quoting a recent report. 

The Dropbox Capture tool lets you record your screen, take screenshots and make gifs, basically everything you need to do video tutorials or presentations. You can also easily add voice overs and markups to guide your team to the relevant bit in your presentation or tutorial.

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The Dropbox Capture tool is free and you can download the beta right now on Windows and MacOS.

To also help you skip some meetings, the company is also working on Dropbox Replay.

This is a video collaboration tool that works for anyone, including people without Dropbox accounts, and it lets you share video projects to get feedback easily. 

dropbox replay

Even more, it also has live viewing, so a video feedback meeting can be hosted there.

The Dropbox Replay is still in Alpha but you can sign up to test it.

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Dropbox Capture Tool Aims To Help You Cut Down On Video Meetings

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