EA to Determine This Week If Anthem Revamp Continues

EA to Determine This Week If Anthem Revamp Continues


Anthem appears to be on the ropes as a EA is reportedly deciding this week whether or not to continue funding its overhaul.

In a report by Bloomberg, EA is reportedly holding a meeting and evaluating the current status of Anthem and Anthem Next. Anthem is currently remembered as one most disappointing games in recent memory as the promise and vision behind the game felt inspired yet the launch left the community feeling left behind and lied to. Anthem Next is EA’s attempt to relaunch and revamp the game, yet it has yet to regain public interest in the ways that other games like No Man’s Sky and Final Fantasy XIV have.

According to the publisher’s sources, executives at the company will review the current build on the revamp and “decide whether to expand the team or abandon the project.” Sources say that in order to achieve the desired overhaul, the team working on Anthem Next needs to be at least tripled from its current size of about 30 members.

It is currently unclear what EA executives will decide. Anthem has largely failed to meet the company’s and public’s expectations. However, Anthem represents a significant investment by EA as it is one of their most ambitious original IPs.

It’s not impossible to bring the game back, but the hill is certainly steep.

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EA to Determine This Week If Anthem Revamp Continues
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