MFA on a Beat: Eison Triple Thread Recommends Outfits Based on Your Spotify

MFA on a Beat: Eison Triple Thread Recommends Outfits Based on Your Spotify

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Step aside, sneakerheads, there’s a new trend about to take over if Eison Triple Thread’s app becomes a hit. Mad tunes, mad kicks, mad fits?

Developed by Eison Triple Thread, a custom luxury brand, the FITS app will revamp your style using your very own Spotify playlist. If you’re struggling to establish a personal style and forums like MFA can’t help you, maybe your tunes are actually what’s needed.

“It’s a unique take on the recommendation engine that everybody else is using because you can infer a lot from people’s music choices. We start with Spotify information to understand the emotions behind your style choice, and we’ll eventually get the looks that fit you best,” said Julian Eison, the brand’s founder.

Just download the FITS app, log in to your Spotify account, take a small quiz about your lifestyle and looks, and the app will pair your favorite genres with outfit suggestions.

Of course, you can order those outfits custom-made straight from Einson Triple Thread but, if you’re on a budget, you can just use the FITS app for inspo.

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