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The Echo Look Fashion Camera Is Here to Judge Your Outfits

Amazon Echo Look
 In case you were not getting enough fashion advice and critiques from your friends or fellow co-workers, Amazon Echo Look camera comes to the rescue!

The camera analyzes your fashion style and, though machine learning, gives you fashionable suggestions. You can now add it to your cart for $200, offering full Alexa support.

The Echo Look can snap a picture or shoot a video of your outfit and it has a feature, called Daily Look, which allows you to take a photo of every outfit you feel like saving for reference for later on.

What makes the device interesting though is its Style Check feature. This feature basically reviews photos of two different outfits and provides the user with an opinion on which of them suits them best.

Amazon says that the camera is able to do that with help from human fashion experts but also via machine learning algorithms. The entire process lasts about a minute or so, while the Echo Look evaluates the trends and the fit of the outfits, as well as the color. It doesn’t just say yes or no, the Echo Look gives you an explanation as to why the particular choice has been made.

Initially, the Echo Look had debuted as a camera that was available through invites only, but throughout those trial months, the Echo Look has been improved and now also has an Echo Look smartphone app, which of course, you can purchase from Amazon’s website.

Just in case the fashionista inside you was not convinced, it’s good to mention that both GQ and Vogue are providing content to the app.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mary

    June 7, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    Amazing! I have been using intelistyle ( so far for styling advice, but I want to give this a shot!

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